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I grew up in Adams County and raised my children as a single mother in the house behind the one I grew up in. During those times of raising my children I struggled financially to put a roof over their heads and food on the table. I am intimately aware of what a lot of our families in Adams County are going through during  hard economic struggles.

In 2007 I wanted to represent a community that gave so much to me and my children. I ran for Thornton City Council. My daughter and I, along with countless number of volunteers knocked on over 8,000 doors. I will never forget the citizens I met during that summer. They enhanced my life with their own stories of hardships and victories. I won that year by 63%. I continue to work hard to represent those families.

Also in 2007, I had an opportunity to leave my 18 year career in finance to become an advocate for working families like those I represented on city council. During those two years I learned a lot about our communities. With these lessons in mind, I decided to pursue a degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Public Policy. I ran for reelection in 2011 and won bipartisan support of 74%. In my tenure on Thornton’s City Council I was able to bring good values and policies that included: Giving collective voices to working families, Buy American Resolution, ending policies that discriminated, creating a $300,000 grant program for businesses, increasing recycling by 80% and many more.These policies were implemented while the city maintained a balanced budget of $185 million with a 20% reserve.

Currently I am the Commissioner for Adams County District 1 and my children have grown. I look back on my struggles I had experienced as a single mother and the struggles that so many of my neighbors have shared with me and realize that we are a community of families that are working hard to make a better future for our children. I am working hard to bring these voices to our county.

Community Service
  • Adams County Housing Authority (present)
  • Adams County Economic Development (present)
  • Denver Regional Council of Government (present)
  • Metro Vision (present)
  • Airport Coordinating Committee (Sat on the negotiation team with Denver regarding DIA)
  • Children Outreach Project (present)
  • Adams County Blue Ribbon on the Homeless (past)
  • Denver Metro Housing Initiative (past)
  • And many more civic involvement in the past year
  • Promoting Economic Opportunity for Growing Families
  • Protecting Our Quality of Life
  • Partnering with all Communities
  • Promoting Responsible, Transparent, Modern Government