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Eva Henry Interview with Gateway News

We had more than a few questions for Eva Henry, Mayor Pro Tem of Thornton. Here’s what she had to say:

Eva Henry Interview with Gateway News

Q: What are the ideal qualifications for a candidate running for Commissioner in Adams County?

A: First of all, being able to put the past in the past and start looking toward the future… one of the things that I will be able to do is that I have relationships to be able to build coalitions.  This is something we need desperately inside the county along with being able to address the upcoming intergovernmental agreement with Denver on DIA.  We need to be able to negotiate what Adams County deserves, something that is again dependent on having existing coalitions.

Q: Some candidates have linked themselves to a platform of ‘reform’ without the knowledge of the already existing reformation taking place in Adams County.  Please comment.

A: Adams county has already addressed the issues of public transparency. Other than that, it’s conceivable that some of our boards could be looked at concerning outside influences that might exist… it comes down the voters considering which candidates have the right ethics. We need to start coming together as a county and we need commissioners who are willing to work with councils, neighborhoods, businesses, and farmers. We need to Continue reading Eva Henry Interview with Gateway News