Hi.  I’m Eva Henry, and I’m honored to serve as your Adams County Commissioner.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  I was elected in 2012 with over 56% of the vote.  I’m proud to have the support of Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated voters across the county.  Elections aren’t just about winning though – they are about getting things done when you’re in office.  I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished since being sworn into office, but we have a lot more to do.

Ribbon Cutting

I grew up in a family one paycheck away from being homeless, but we got by through sacrifice and with the help of neighbors. I know what it’s like to struggle, to have a family member lose their job, to live without health insurance and be one bad break away from economic catastrophe. But those trying times made me stronger.  Every day I walk into the office working to find ways to improve the lives of residents across Adams County; here is a short sample of what we’ve already done:

  • Made Adams County government more transparent by moving meetings to the evenings so more people can attend and share their concerns and ideas.
  • Holding town halls across the county to bring government into communities instead of asking people to come to us.
  • Created over 1200 high paying jobs, and busy setting the conditions to create more.
  • Serving on the Child Welfare Prevention Committee to bring focus on raising families out of poverty and making sure every child has a chance to succeed.
  • Improved our county water infrastructure to help prevent damage from future flooding.
Leading Adams County in a New Direction

Leading Adams County in a New Direction